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College Entrance Essay Coach As a published author, essayist, and creative writing instructor I enjoy working privately with students one-to-one on their college entrance essays. (I also teach this in a 2-hour seminar in the fall and winter at the Loft Literary Center).

Writing and TeachingWe meet initially at a local coffee shop or eatery and brainstorm ideas about what should be included in the student’s individualized essay. We then figure out a structure. Because getting started is often the most challenging part in this process, I make sure the student has a complete first paragraph before he or she goes home to work out a draft. Once completed, the student sends me an emailed copy and I offer gentle suggestions and give editorial advice and send it back to the student. The student polishes his or her amazing essay and sends it to me for one last look before sending it off.


My daughter had a lot of great ideas for her college essay but was paralyzed when it came to putting them on paper. After meeting with Laurie for one hour, she had the first paragraph written and the rest of the essay outlined.

She had been struggling for months to write the first draft of the essay and, with the kickstart from Laurie, the draft was done in a week.

It only took a few back and forth edits to have a great essay completed. Laurie’s calm, competent support guided my daughter to write the wonderful words that were inside her the whole time .

— Laurie G.


[Laurie] helped me explore ideas and inspired me to talk about myself honestly.

She gave me great feedback, and seems to know what the colleges are looking for .

— Clare McCarthy, Tulane University


My daughter felt Laurie really helped her "open up" on her college entrance essays: Clare was 6 for 6 in college apps!

Carole McCarthy


I think Laurie's editing of my son's college essay made all the difference! She was able to give great constructive criticism that I am sure helped in his ability to get accepted into Carleton College.

— Connie England


Laurie's suggestions helped my daughter shape her essay into a strong component of her applications. The end result was less stress for all of us and she was accepted to all of her chosen schools.

— Beth Hannan

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